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Catherine Panter-Brick

Nadia El-Shaarawi and Stéphanie Larchanché

Part I: Challenging the Borders of Belonging

Chapter 1. Must the Tired and the Poor “Stand on Their Own Two Feet”? Tools for Analyzing How Migrants’ Deservingness is Reckoned
Sarah S. Willen and Jennifer Cook

Chapter 2. Wanting to “Be Seen”: Experiences of Migration, Gender and Motherhood in Johannesburg, South Africa
Becky Walker and Elsa Oliveira

Chapter 3. Migration or Forced Displacement?: The Complex Choices of Climate Change and Disaster Migrants in Shishmaref, Alaska and Nanumea, Tuvalu
Elizabeth Marino and Heather Lazrus

Part II: Challenging the Borders of Care

Chapter 4. Translating Fanon in the Italian Context: Rethinking the Ethics of Treatment in Psychiatry  
Cristiana Giordano

Chapter 5. Precarity, Chronic Illness, and Borders of Care Confronting Immigrants in Paris, France
Carolyn Sargent, Laurent Zelek and Anne Festa

Chapter 6. Doctors Challenging Borders: The Dilemmas and Successes of Syrian-American Medical Humanitarians
Rania Kassab Sweis

Part III: Challenging Policy Borders

Chapter 7. Citizenship for Sale and Legality Foreclosed: Immigration, Financialization, and the US Health Care System
Nolan Kline

Chapter 8. Narrative Testimony and Political Potentiality: Surviving Family Separation, Advocating for Migrants’ Rights and Wellbeing
Kristin Yarris

Heide Castañeda


Migration and Health

Challenging the Borders of Belonging, Care, and Policy

Edited by Nadia El-Shaarawi and Stéphanie Larchanché

Foreword by Catherine Panter-Brick
Afterword by Heide Castañeda

252 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-501-9 Hb Published (June 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-502-6 eBook