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Ferne Edwards

Introduction: Mapping the Multispecies City in Theory, Methods and Practice
Ferne Edwards, Lucia Alexandra Popartan and Ida Nilstad Pettersen

Part I: Making Visible Diverse Urban Natures

Chapter 1. Life After Dark: Multispecies Encounters in the Nocturnal City
Nick Dunn

Chapter 2. Making Urban Nature Visible (With a Focus on Insects)
Ferne Edwards

Chapter 3. Let the City Walls Go Wild: Finding Safety in Urban Edgelands
Hannah Cowan and Sam Knight

Chapter 4. A Bear and Those Things Beneath my Knees: Nature in Settler-Colonial Los Angeles
Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes

Chapter 5. East End Jam: A Multi-Sensory Urban Foraging Artwork
Clare Qualmann and Amy Vogel

Chapter 6. Illuminating the Worlds We Produce: A Reflexive Approach to Urban Natures Research
Lisa de Kleyn, Brian Coffey and Judy Bush

Part II: (Re)Connecting Urban Natures

Chapter 7. Layering Identity, Place and Be-longing Between Nature and Urbanity
Tracey M. Benson

Chapter 8. A ‘Democracy of Compost’: Neo-materialist Encounters in Urban Spaces
Monique Wing and Emma L. Sharp
This chapter is available Open Access with support from the Food, Food Production and Nutrition Research Network in the Faculty of Science, University of Auckland

Chapter 9. Caring for Foxes at a London Allotment: Tales from a Contested Interspecies Playground
Jan van Duppen

Chapter 10. Relational Growing: Reimagining Contemporary Aboriginal Agriculture in Colonialized Cityscapes
Dominique Chen

Chapter 11. ‘War on Weeds’: On Fighting and Caring for Native Nature in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
Jeannine-Madeleine Fischer

Chapter 12. Designing with Bees: Integrating More-than-Human Knowledges in Brussels’ Cityscapes
Jolein Bergers, Bruno Notteboom and Viviana d’Auria

Part II: Politicizing Urban Natures

Chapter 13. Reducing Vulnerability Through Gardening? The Mobilization of Urban Natures during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Andrew McKenzie and Ginny Stein

Chapter 14. ‘I don’t care about tomatoes’: Building Situated Urban Commons in Girona
Lucia Alexandra Popartan, Josep Pueyo, Enric Cassú, Richard Pointelin, Joana Castellar, Joaquim Comas

Chapter 15. Urban Fog Oasis Conservation: Endangerment, Invasiones and Informal Urbanization in Lima
Chakad Ojani

Chapter 16. Haunting Natures: The Politics of Green Reparations in Baltimore, MD
Mariya Shcheglovitova and JH Pitas

Chapter 17. Urban Trees as ‘Furniture’? The More-than-Human Politics of Moving Gothenburg’s Mature Trees
Mathilda Rosengren

Chapter 18. ‘There’s a Strong Green Wind Blowing’. Drawing the Politics of Street Trees in Practice
Hanne Cecilie Geirbo and Ida Nilstad Pettersen
This chapter is available Open Access with support from Oslo Metropolitan University.

Conclusion: Reflections and Future Directions for Researching Urban Natures
Ferne Edwards


Urban Natures

Living the More-than-Human City

Edited by Ferne Edwards, Lucia Alexandra Popartan and Ida Nilstad Pettersen

356 pages, 54 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-082-4 Hb Published (September 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80539-359-7 eBook