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Introduction: Of Bonds and Boundaries
Paul Dumouchel & Reiko Gotoh

Part I: Social bonds in transformation

Chapter 1. Incompleteness and the Possibility of Making: Towards denationalized citizenship?
Saskia Sassen

Chapter 2. Justice and Culture: New contradictions in the era of techno-nihilistic capitalism
Mauro Magatti

Chapter 3. Bounded Justifiability: Making commonality on the basis of binding engagements
Laurent Thévenot

Chapter 4. On the Poverty of our Freedom
Axel Honneth

Part II: Beyond imperial universalism

Chapter 5. Western Humanitarianism and the Representation of Distant Suffering: A genealogy of moral grammars and visual regimes
Fuyuki Kurasawa

Chapter 6. Parochial Altruism and Christian Universalism: On the deep difficulties of creating solidarity without outside enemies
Wolfgang Palaver

Chapter 7. Partial Commitments and Universal Obligations
Paul Dumouchel

Chapter 8. A Reluctant Cosmopolitan
Anne Phillips

Part III: Towards a re-conceptualization of liberalism

Chapter 9. Liberal Autonomy and Minority Accommodation: A new approach
Geoffrey Brahm Levey

Chapter 10. Cultural Boundaries and the Reasonable Accommodation of Minorities: Is secularism enough?
Gurpreet Mahajan

Chapter 11. Arrow, Rawls and Sen: The Transformation of Political Economy and the Idea of Liberalism
Reiko Gotoh

Conclusion: Social bonds as freedom

Notes on Contributors

Social Bonds as Freedom

Revisiting the Dichotomy of the Universal and the Particular

Edited by Paul Dumouchel and Reiko Gotoh

296 pages, 4 tables, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-693-3 Hb Published (August 2015)

eISBN 978-1-78238-694-0 eBook