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Introduction: The Darker and the Lighter Sides of Biomedical Maternity Care: Moving from Obstetric Violence, Disrespect, and Abuse to the Humanization and De-Colonization of Birth
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar

Part I: Obstetric Violence and Systematic Racial, Ethnic, Gendered, and Socio-Structural Disparities in Obstetricians’ Practices

Chapter 1. Obstetricians and the Delivery of Obstetric Violence: An Ethnographic Account from the Dominican Republic
Annie Preaux and Arachu Castro

Chapter 2. “Bad Pelvises”: Mexican Obstetricians and the Re-Affirmation of Race in Labor and Delivery
Sarah A. Williams

Chapter 3. “Selfish Mothers,” “Misinformed” Childbearers, and “Control Freaks”: Gendered Tropes in US Obstetricians’ Justifications for Delegitimizing Patient Autonomy in Childbirth
Lauren Diamond-Brown

Chapter 4. Implicit Racial Bias in Obstetrics: How US Obstetricians View and Treat Pregnant Women of Color
Genevieve Ritchie-Ewing

Chapter 5. Censusing the Quechua: Peruvian Obstetras in Light of Historic Sterilizations, Contemporary Accusations, and Biopolitical Statecraft Obligations
Rebecca Irons
This chapter is available open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license thanks to the support of the Wellcome Trust.

Part II: Decolonizing and Humanizing Obstetric Training and Practice? Obstetricians, Midwives, and their Battles against “The System”

Chapter 6. Decolonizing Medical Education in the UK
Amali U. Lokugamage, Tharanika Ahillan, and S.D.C Pathberiya

Chapter 7. Teaching Humanistic and Holistic Obstetrics: Triumphs and Failures
Beverley Chalmers

Chapter 8. The Inconsistent Path of Russian Obstetricians to the Humanization of Birth in Post-Soviet Maternity Care
Anna Ozhiganova and Anna Temkina

Chapter 9. The Paradigm Shifts of Humanistic and Holistic Obstetricians: The “Good Guys and Girls” of Brazil
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Eugenia Georges

Chapter 10. Interprofessional Education for Medical and Midwifery Students in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Rea Daellenbach, Lorna Davies, Maggie Meeks, Melanie Welfare, and Judy Ormandy

Chapter 11. The Changing Face of Obstetric Practice in the US as the Percent of Women in the Specialty Has Grown
Deborah McNabb

Part III: The Ethnographic Challenges of Gaining Access to Obstetricians for Surveys, Interviews, and Observations

Chapter 12. The Ethnographic Challenges of Gaining Access to Obstetricians for Surveys, Interviews, and Observations
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar

Conclusions: Concepts, Conceptual Frameworks, and Lessons Learned
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar

Series Conclusions: Creating the Anthropology of Obstetrics and Obstetricians and Suggesting Directions for Future Research
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar


Obstetric Violence and Systemic Disparities

Can Obstetrics Be Humanized and Decolonized?

Edited by Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar

376 pages, 10 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-834-8 Hb Published (June 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-835-5 eBook