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Introduction: An Overview of This Volume and of Significant Concepts Used
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar

Chapter 1. Open and Closed Knowledge Systems, the 4 Stages of Cognition, and the Obstetric Management of Birth
Robbie Davis-Floyd

Chapter 2. From “Mastership” to Active Management of Labor: The Culture of Irish Obstetrics and Obstetricians
Margaret Dunlea, Martina Hynan, Jo Murphy-Lawless, Magdalena Ohaja, Malgorzata Stach and Jeannine Webster

Chapter 3. Becoming an Obstetrician in Greece: Medical Training, Informal Scripts, and the Routinization of Cesarean Birth
Eugenia Georges

Chapter 4. Physiologic Birth Entails Economic Damage: Financial Incentives for the Performance of Cesareans in Chile
Michelle Sadler and Gonzalo Leiva

Chapter 5. The Introduction of “Natural Cesareans” in Swiss Hospitals: A Conversation with One of Its Pioneers
Caroline Chautems, Irene Maffi, and Alexandre Farin

Chapter 6. Scoring Women, Calculating Risk: The MFMU VBAC Calculator
Nicholas Rubashkin

Chapter 7. On Risk and Responsibility: Contextualizing Practice among Mexican Obstetricians
Vania Smith-Oka and Lydia Z. Dixon

Chapter 8. Crossing Bodily, Social, and Intimate Boundaries: How Class, Ethnic, and Gender Differences Are Reproduced in Medical Training in Mexico
Vania Smith-Oka and Megan K. Marshalla

Chapter 9. The Limitations of Understanding Structural Inequality: Obstetricians’ Accounts of Caring for Substance-Using Patients in the US
Katharine McCabe

Chapter 10. Contraceptive Provision by Obstetricians/Gynecologists in the US: Biases, Misperceptions, and Barriers to an Essential Reproductive Health Service
Melissa Goldin Evans

Chapter 11. Cognition, Risk, and Responsibility: Home Birth and Why Obstetricians Fear It
Amali U. Lokugamage and Claire Feeley

Conclusions: Concepts, Conceptual Frameworks, and Lessons Learned
Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar


Cognition, Risk, and Responsibility in Obstetrics

Anthropological Analyses and Critiques of Obstetricians’ Practices

Edited by Robbie Davis-Floyd and Ashish Premkumar

334 pages, 7 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-831-7 Hb Published (June 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-832-4 eBook