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Introduction: Breach, Neglect, Guidance
Thomas Crosbie

Part I: New Theoretical Perspectives

Chapter 1. What is Military Politics?
Thomas Crosbie

Chapter 2. Rethinking Clausewitz’s Chameleon: Is It Time for Western Militaries to Abandon the Idea of War’s Immutable Nature?
Anders Theis Bollmann and Søren Sjøgren

Part II: New Perspectives on Senior Officership

Chapter 3. Military Contrarianism: The Case of Israel
Yagil Levy

Chapter 4. Embedded in Politics: The Joint Chiefs of Staff, its Chairman, and the Structure of U.S. Civil-Military Relations
Sharon K. Weiner

Chapter 5. Civil-Military Challenges and the Militia
James Campbell

Chapter 6. Strategic Civil-Military Relations: Tomorrow’s Generals’ Views on Dissent, Disobedience and Principled Resignation
Steven Lee Katz

Part III: Military Politics and Military Operations

Chapter 7. Military Politics on the Battlefield: Strategy and Effectiveness in War
Carrie A. Lee

Chapter 8. Begging Permission, Asking Forgiveness: Explaining How Officers Handle Wearing Two Hats in Multilateral Military Operations
Stephen M. Saideman

Chapter 9. Judges on the Battlefield? Judicial Observer Effects in US and UK National Security Policies
Lena Trabucco

Chapter 10. Small Powers’ Civil-Military Relations: Two Smoking Guns
Carsten Roennfeldt

Conclusion: Military Politics as Research Program
Thomas Crosbie


Military Politics

New Perspectives

Edited by Thomas Crosbie

272 pages, 9 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-023-7 Hb Published (July 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80539-024-4 eBook