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Angela N. H. Creager & Jean-Paul Gaudillière

Part I: Objectifying Dangers

Chapter 1. Salad Days: The Science and Medicine of Bad Greens, 1870–2000

Anne Hardy

Chapter 2. Radioactive Diet: Food, Metabolism, and the Environment, c. 1960
Soraya de Chadarevian

Chapter 3. Poison and Cancer: The Politics of Food Carcinogens in 1950s West Germany

Heiko Stoff

Chapter 4. “EAT. DIE.” The Domestication of Carcinogens in the 1980s

Angela N. H. Creager

Chapter 5. Risk on the Negotiating Table: Malnutrition, Mold Toxicity, and Postcolonial Development

Lucas M. Mueller

Chapter 6. Contaminated Foods, Global Environmental Health, and the Political Recalcitrance of a Pollution Problem: The Case of PCBs from 1966 to the Present Day

Aurélien Féron

Part II: Ordering Risks

Chapter 7. Trace Amounts at Industrial Scale: Arsenicals and Medicated Feed in the Production of the “Western Diet”
Hannah Landecker

Chapter 8. Between Bacteriology and Toxicology: Agricultural Antibiotics and US Risk Regulation (1948–77)

Claas Kirchhelle

Chapter 9. Conflicts of Interest, Ignorance, and Hegemony in the Diethylstilboestral US Food Crisis

Jean-Paul Gaudillière

Chapter 10. Defining Food Additives: Origins and Shortfalls of the US Regulatory Framework

Maricel V. Maffini and Sarah Vogel

Chapter 11. The Rise (and Fall) of the Food-Drug Line: Classification, Gatekeepers, and Spatial Mediation in Regulating US Food and Health Markets
Xaq Frohlich


Deborah Fitzgerald


Risk on the Table

Food Production, Health, and the Environment

Edited by Angela N. H. Creager and Jean-Paul Gaudillière
Afterword by Deborah Fitzgerald

366 pages, 18 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-944-0 Hb Published (January 2021)

eISBN 978-1-78920-945-7 eBook