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Alexandra Coțofană

Chapter 1. Adamastor unbound? Whiteness and landscape in post-1994 South Africa
Scott Burnett

Chapter 2. Part of the Landscape: Quebecois Nationalism and Indigenous Sentience
Philippe Blouin

Chapter 3. Ingrained Ontologies: How Romania’s Institutionalized Processes Teach Us to Think with Xenophobic Sentient Landscapes
Alexandra Coțofană

Chapter 4. Hostile Territory: Communal Politics and Sentient Landscape in Ladakh, Himalayan India
Callum Pearce

Chapter 5. Forests as the Sentient Bridge between German Landscape and Identity
Hikmet Kuran

Chapter 6. Unruly Landscapes: Contested Desert Imaginaries in Post- Franco Spain
Arvid van Dam

Chapter 7. Shinkoku: Reconsidering the Concept of Sentient Landscapes from Japan
David Malitz

Chapter 8. Imagining Chile’s South: The Making of a Phobic Landscape of Prestige in the Forests
Georg T. A. Krizmanics

Chapter 9. Can the Forests be Xenophobic? Migrant Pathways through Croatia and the Forest as Cover
Sarah Czerny, Marijana Hameršak, Iva Pleše and Sanja Bojanić

Chapter 10. Footsteps through the City: Encounters with Social Justice in Czech Urban Landscapes
Susanna Trnka

Epilogue: Why it is Vital to Scrutinize the Connection between Landscape, Sentience and Xenophobia in the Age of Deepening Crises of Democracy and Ecology?
Hikmet Kuran


Sentient Ecologies

Xenophobic Imaginaries of Landscape

Edited by Alexandra Coțofană and Hikmet Kuran

288 pages, 15 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-662-7 Hb Published (November 2022)

This title is published as Open Access

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