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Introduction: When Democracy ‘Goes Wrong’
Joanna Cook, Nicholas J. Long, and Henrietta L. Moore

Chapter 1. After (?) Democracy: Time, Space and Affect in Peruvian Political Imaginaries
David Nugent

Chapter 2. Democracy and the Ethical Imagination
Henrietta L. Moore

Chapter 3. Why Indonesians Turn Against Democracy
Nicholas J. Long

Chapter 4. Opposition and Group Formation: Authoritarianism Yesterday and Today
John Borneman

Chapter 5. Rejecting or Remaking Democratic Practices? Experiences during Times of Crisis in Italy
Jan-Jonathan Bock

Chapter 6. ‘The People’ and Political Opposition in Post-democracy: Reflections on the Hollowing of Democracy in Greece and Europe
Giorgos Katsambekis

Chapter 7. Debt Society Consolidated? Post-democratic Subjectivity and its Discontents
Yannis Stavrakakis

Chapter 8. Politics After Democracy: Experiments in Horizontality
Marianne Maeckelbergh

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The State We're In

Reflecting on Democracy's Troubles

Edited by Joanna Cook, Nicholas J. Long, and Henrietta L. Moore

228 pages, 5 illus., bibiliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-224-1 Hb Published (July 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-225-8 eBook