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Introduction: An ‘Informal’ Economic History

Part I: Economic Informality: An Idea and Its Relevance to Melanesia

Chapter 1. Keith Hart and the Idea of Informality
Chapter 2. Precursors of the Informal Economy
Chapter 3. Melanesia in the Trade of the Malay Archipelago
Chapter 4. Melanesian Singularity: Insights from Neoclassical Economics
Chapter 5. Traditional Trade and Exchange in Papua New Guinea
Chapter 6. National Capitalism in the Three New Guineas

Part II: From Early Colonisation to the Pacific War

Chapter 7. German and Australian New Guinea before the Pacific War
Chapter 8. Chinese in New Guinea before the Pacific War
Chapter 9. Hubert Murray and the Contending Moralities
Chapter 10. The Idea of a Town in Anglo-Papua
Chapter 11. Papuans in Town before the Pacific War
Chapter 12. Hidden Valleys: A New White Highlands?

Part III: Informality in the Era of Economic Development

Chapter 13. Economic Development: Ideology and Apologetics
Chapter 14. Obsolescence and the Preconditions for Urbanism
Chapter 15. Remaking Port Moresby: The Formal Town
Chapter 16. An Informal Town: Villages and Settlements
Chapter 17. Reconstruction in Rabaul and the Seeds of Post-War Growth
Chapter 18. Informal Economy on the Gazelle at the End of the Colonial Era
Chapter 19. Chinese Enterprise in Rabaul: Apotheosis and Decline
Chapter 20. Bureaucracy and Market Economy on the Frontier
Chapter 21. Gorokans and Coffee in the ‘Lucky Place’
Chapter 22. Formality and Informality in the Coffee Economy
Chapter 23. The Triumph of Capitalism?

Part IV: Birth Pangs: All These Are the Beginning of Sorrows

Chapter 24. The Preparatory Idea
Chapter 25. Hart, Faber and the Informal Economy in Port Moresby
Chapter 26. An Uneasy Trio of Formality, Informality and Hybridity
Chapter 27. Dilemmas and Consequences of Urban Growth



Exchange and Markets in Early Economic Development

Informal Economy in the Three New Guineas

John D. Conroy

312 pages, 7 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-968-0 Hb Published (May 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-969-7 eBook