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Illustrations, Maps and Figures
A Note on Transliteration
Map of the Nile Delta

Chapter 1. The Factory as Crucible
      Port Said – The Nation’s ‘Dual Frontier’
      Space and Order: The Factory as Blueprint – and as Lived Experience
      Issues, Inspiration and Method
      Ordering and Animating the Ethnography

Chapter 2. Firm as Family – Control and Resistance
      Il-Kebir: The Role of the Proprietor-Patriarch
      Ikhlaas: Filial Loyalty and Sibling Rivalry
      Ihtiram: Performing Respectability
      Taraabut: Articulations of Community and Entitlement
      Entekhbo Qasim Fahmy! – The Workers Endorse their Kebir

Chapter 3. Shop Floor as Marketplace – Love and Consumption
      Sexualising the Workplace – The Struggle for Love
      ‘Love in a World Ruled by Money’ (Il-Hub fi Zaman Il-Felus)
      Hub Il-Shibak: Love Matches
      Commodifying the Shop Floor – Trading in Dreams
      Celebrating Dreams – A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Chapter 4. Daughters of the Factory – Discipline and Nurture
      Discipline as Performance
      Performing Efficiency
      Mishmish Alley Cats – Distinctive Femininities
      Nurturing and Performing Male Power

Chapter 5. Globalised Takeover – Performance and Resistance
      Refashioning the Labour Landscape
      Retrieving the Firm as Family
      The End of the Road?

Chapter 6. Domination and Resistance
      Globalisation and Localisation
      Co-Optation and Appropriation
      The Revolution that Wasn’t

Appendix: The Fashion Express Workforce

Select Glossary

Made In Egypt

Gendered Identity and Aspiration on the Globalised Shop Floor

Leila Zaki Chakravarti

274 pages, 28 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-077-3 Hb Published (July 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-078-0 eBook