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Introduction: Economy, Crime and Wrong in a Neoliberal Era
James G. Carrier

Chapter 1. Marketing Clientelism vs Corruption: Pharmaceutical Off-label Promotion on Trial
Kalman Applbaum

Chapter 2. The Measure of Sociality: Quantification, Control and Economic Deviance
Emil A. Røyrvik

Chapter 3. Under Pressure: Financial Supervision in the Post-2008 European Union
Daniel Seabra Lopes

Chapter 4. Of Taxation, Instability, Fraud and Calculation
Thomas Cantens

Chapter 5. Marketing Marijuana: Prohibition, Medicalization and the Commodity
Michael Polson

Chapter 6. Neoliberal Citizenship and the Politics of Corruption: Redefining Informal Exchange in Romanian Healthcare
Sabina Stan

Chapter 7. Neoliberalism, Violent Crime and the Moral Economy of Migrants
Kathy Powell

Chapter 8. How Does Neoliberalism Relate to Unauthorized Migration? The U.S.–Mexico Case
Josiah McC. Heyman

Conclusion: All That is Normal Melts Into Air: Rethinking Neoliberal Rules and Deviance
Steven Sampson


Economy, Crime and Wrong in a Neoliberal Era

Edited by James G. Carrier

276 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-044-7 Hb Published (September 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78920-045-4 eBook