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Céline Cantat, Ian M. Cook and Prem Kumar Rajaram

Part I: Academic Displacements

Chapter 1. The Refugee Outsider and the Active European Citizen: European Migration and Higher Education Policies and the Production of Belonging and Non-Belonging  
Prem Kumar Rajaram

Chapter 2. The Double Bind of Academic Freedom: Reflections from the UK and Venezuela  
Mariya P. Ivancheva

Chapter 3. Rethinking Universities: A Reflection on the University’s Role in Fostering Refugees’ Inclusion
Rosa Di Stefano and Benedetta Cassani

Chapter 4. The 2016/2017 Turn Towards Authoritarian Pressures on Academics
Leyla Safta-Zecheria

Chapter 5. The Politics of University Access and Refugee Higher Education Programmes Can the Contemporary University be Opened?
Céline Cantat

Part II: Re-Learning Teaching

Chapter 6. Can We Think about how to Improve the World?’ Designing Curricula with Refugee Students
Mwenza Blell, Josie McLellan, Richard Pettigrew and Tom Sperlinger

Chapter 7. Experts by Experience: The Scope and Limits of Collaborative Pedagogy with Marginalized Asylum Seekers
Rubina Jasani, Jack López, Yamusu Nyang, Angie D., Dudu Mango, Rudo Mwoyoweshumba and Shamim Afhsan

Chapter 8. What Happens to a Story? En/countering Imaginative Humanitarian Ethnography in the Classroom
Erin Goheen Glanville

Chapter 9. Digital Literacy for Refugees in the United Kingdom
Israel Princewill Esenowo

Chapter 10. Insider Views on English Language Pathway Programmes to Australian Universities  
Victoria Wilson, Homeira Babaei, Merna Dolmai and Suhail Sawa

Chapter 11. Enacting Inclusion and Citizenship through Pedagogical Staff Development
Luisa Bunescu

Chapter 12. Focus Pulled to Hungary: Case Study of the OLIve Participatory Video Workshop
Klára Trencsényi and Jeremy Braverman

Part III: Debordering the University

Chapter 13. Fuck Prestige

Ian M. Cook

Chapter 14. Reimagining Language in Higher Education: Engaging with the Linguistic Experiences of Students with Refugee and Asylum Seeker Backgrounds
Rachel Burke

Chapter 15. Our Voice 
Kutaiba Al Hussein and Akileo Mangeni

Chapter 16. “Where are the Refugees?”: The Paradox of Asylum in Everyday Institutional Life in the Modern Academy and the Space-Time Banalities of Exception
Kolar Aparna, Olivier Thomas Kramsch and Oumar Kande

Chapter 17. The Importance of the Locality in Opening Universities to Refugee Students
Ester Gallo, Barbara Poggio and Paola Bodio

Chapter 18. Strategies Against Everyday Bordering in Universities: The Open Learning Initiatives
Aura Lounasmaa, Erica Masserano, Michelle Harewood and Jessica Oddy

John Clarke

Opening Up the University

Teaching and Learning with Refugees

Edited by Céline Cantat, Ian M. Cook, and Prem Kumar Rajaram

Afterword by John Clarke

322 pages, 9 images, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-311-4 Hb Published (February 2022)

This title is published as Open Access

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB Made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license with support from Berghahn Open Migration and Development Studies initiative.