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Introduction: Minor Traditions, Shizen Equivocations, and Sophisticated Conjunctions
Casper Bruun Jensen and Atsuro Morita

Chapter 1. Naturalism and the Invention of Identity
Marilyn Strathern

Chapter 2. Between Two Truths: Time in Physics and Fiji
Naoki Kasuga

Chapter 3. Natures of Naturalism: Reaching Bedrock in Climate Science
Martin Skrydstrup

Chapter 4. Raw Data: Making Relations Matter
Antonia Walford

Chapter 5. Methods for Multispecies Anthropology: Thinking with Salmon Otoliths and Scales
Heather Anne Swanson

Chapter 6. A Theory of ‘Animal Borders’: Thoughts and Practices toward Non-human Animals among the G|ui Hunter-Gatherers
Kazuyoshi Sugawara

Chapter 7. Delta Ontologies: Infrastructural Transformations in the Chao Phraya Delta, Thailand
Atsuro Morita and Casper Bruun Jensen

Chapter 8. The Ontological Turn: Taking Different Worlds Seriously
Andrew Pickering

Multiple Nature-Cultures, Diverse Anthropologies

Edited by Casper Bruun Jensen and Atsuro Morita

158 pages, 5 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-538-1 Hb Published (August 2019)

eISBN 978-1-78920-540-4 eBook