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A note on Trio and Wayana orthography
List of acronyms and abbreviations


  • Guianan Leadership
  • Guiana
  • The Trio, Wayana and Akuriyo
  • Fieldwork and its Limitations
  • Structure and Scope of the Book

Chapter 1. Making Trio and Other Peoples

  • Ethnogenesis
  • A Theory of Continuity
  • Substance and Filiation
  • Telling Stories, Making Groups
  • Time, History and Identity
  • ‘The Trio’ as a Group
  • Ethnogenesis and Alterity
  • Missionisation and Ethnicity: The Contact of the Akuriyo
  • Slavery and Identity
  • Marriage and Manioc
  • Strategic Ethnicity
  • Leadership Inside and Out

Chapter 2. Houses and In-Laws

  • Leadership, Inequality and the House
  • Houses and Housebuilders
  • The House as Artefact
  • The Collective House
  • Scale and the Household
  • Consanguinity, Affinity and the ‘Atom of Politics’
  • Symmetry and Asymmetry
  • Leadership and the House as Idea

Chapter 3. Trade, Money and Influence

  • Economic Influence
  • Exchange and Trade
  • Trading with Maroons
  • Money
  • The Politics of Air Travel
  • Airborne Evangelism
  • The City, Prestige and Mobility
  • Air Entrepreneurship
  • Public Speaking
  • Literacy
  • Metaphysical Communication
  • Bible Economy
  • Leadership and Influence Beyond Consanguinity

Chapter 4. Music and Ritual Capacities

  • Structured Sound
  • Tortoiseshell Pipes: Individual and Collective
  • Rattles and Shamanism: Percussion and Harmony
  • Capacity, Blowing and Song
  • The Music of the Other
  • Speech as Music
  • Ceremonial Dialogue
  • Music and Leadership
  • Heterophony
  • Music and Difference

Chapter 5. Owning Places and Persons

  • The Language of Possession
  • Moveable Wealth
  • The Value of Land
  • Names and Places
  • Gender Asymmetry and Women as Property
  • Ownership, Wealth and Influence

Conclusion: Society Transcends the State

Appendix: Trio Relationship Terminology

The Imbalance of Power

Leadership, Masculinity and Wealth in the Amazon

Marc Brightman

206 pages, 20 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-309-5 Hb Published (December 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-310-1 eBook