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Felicity Bodenstein, Damiana Oţoiu, and Eva-Maria Troelenberg

Part I: From Objects Back to People: Ways of Life and Loss

Chapter 1. The Value of Art – a Human Life? Works of Art in the Crosshairs of the Persecution of Jews under National Socialism
Ulrike Saß

Chapter 2. Return as Reconstruction: The Gwoździec Synagogue Replica in the Museum of Polish Jews
Ewa Manikowska

Chapter 3. The Other Nefertiti: Symbolic Restitutions
Ruth E. Iskin

Part II: The Subject of Return: Between Artefacts and Bodies

Chapter 4. Blurring Objects: Life-Casts, Human Remains and Art History
Noémie Etienne

Chapter 5. Of Phrenology, Reconciliation and Veneration: Exhibiting the Repatriated Life Cast of Māori Chief Takatahara at the Akaroa Museum
Christopher Sommer

Chapter 6. Ancestors or Artefacts: Contention in the Definition, Retention and Retun of Ngarrinderji Old People
Cressida Fforde, Major Sumner, Loretta Sumner, Tristram Besterman and Steve Hemming

Part III: ‘The Making of Law’: Politics and Museum Ethics

Chapter 7. A Long Term Perspective on the Issue of the Return of Congolese Cultural Objects : Entangled Relations between Kinshasa and Tervuren (1930–1980)
Placide Mumbembele Sanger

Chapter 8. ‘How Would You Like to See Your Great-Grandfather in a Museum?’: The Issue of ‘Human Dignity’ in Repatriation Processes (Cases Involving French Museums)
Cristina Golomoz

Chapter 9. (De)Museifying Racial Taxonomies: The Display and/ or the Restitution of Human Remains of Indigenous Peoples from Southern Africa
Damiana Oţoiu

Part IV: Partial and Paused Returns

Chapter 10. Baroque Returns: The Donations and Reuses of Francesco Gualdi
Fabrizio Federici

Chapter 11. Getting the Benin Bronzes back to Nigeria: The Art Market and the Formation of National Collections and Concepts of Heritage in Benin City and Lagos
Felicity Bodenstein

Chapter 12. What Future for Looted Syrian Antiquities?: The Clash Between the Law and Practice for the Repatriation of Cultural Property to Countries in Crisis
Erin Thompson

Conclusion: Unfinished Projects of 'Decentering' Western Museum Practices
Felicity Bodenstein, Damiana Oţoiu and Eva-Maria Troelenberg


Contested Holdings

Museum Collections in Political, Epistemic and Artistic Processes of Return

Edited by Felicity Bodenstein, Damiana Oţoiu, and Eva-Maria Troelenberg

306 pages, 16 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-423-4 Hb Published (February 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-424-1 eBook