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Tim Ingold

Letizia Bindi

Part I: Pastoralism as a Bio-Cultural Heritage?

Chapter 1. Transhumance in Greece: Multifunctionality as an Asset for Sustainable Development
Athanasios Ragkos

Chapter 2. The Conflict of Nomadic Pastoralism on Sheep Tracks In Piedmont Po Plain (CollinaPo Biosphere Reserve)
Dino Genovese, Luca Battaglini and Ippolito Ostellino

Chapter 3. Between Two Different Worlds: Pastoralism and Protected Natural Areas in Provence-Alpes-Côte D’azur
Patrick Fabre and Jean Claude Duclos

Chapter 4. Reintroducing Bears and Restoring Shepherding Practices. The Production of a Wild Heritage Landscape in the Central Pyrenees
Lluìs Ferrer and Ferran Pons-Raga

Chapter 5. Transhumance in Kelmend, Northern Albania. Traditions, contemporary challenges and sustainable development
Martine Wolff

Chapter 6. Revisiting Transhumance from Stilfs, South Tyrol, Italy: The Everyday Diverse Economy Of A Forgotten Alternative Food Network
Annalisa Colombino and Jeffrey John Powers

Part II: Discontinuities and Transformations

Chapter 7. Transhumance is the New Black. Fragile Rangelands and Local Regenerations
Letizia Bindi

Chapter 8. Continuities and Disruptions in Transhumance Practices in the Silesian Beskids: The Case of Koniaków Village
Katarzyna Marcol and Maciej Kurcz

Chapter 9. Contemporary Transformation of The Pastoral System In The Romanian Carpathian: A Case Study From Maramures Region
Cosmin Marius Ivascu and Anamaria Iuga

Chapter 10. Mountain Pasture in Friuli: Past and Present (Italy)
Špela Ledinek Lozej

Chapter 11. From Nomadism to Ranching Economy: Reindeer Transhumance among the Finnish Sámi
Nuccio Mazzullo and Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo

Chapter 12. Wandering Shepherds: New and Old Transhumances in Sardinia and Sicily
Sebastiano Mannia

Chapter 13. The Coexistence of Transhumance Shepherding Practices and Tourism on Bielašnica Mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Manca Filak and Ĺ˝iga Gorišek

Afterword: Desire for Transhumance
Cyril Isnard


Grazing Communities

Pastoralism on the Move and Biocultural Heritage Frictions

Edited by Letizia Bindi

Foreword by Tim Ingold
Afterword by Cyril Isnard

326 pages, 22 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-475-3 Hb Published (May 2022)

This title is published as Open Access

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