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Carl A. Maida and Sam Beck

Chapter 1. Community-Based Research Organizations: Co-constructing Public Knowledge and Bridging Knowledge/Action Communities through Participatory Action Research
Jean J. Schensul

Chapter 2. Crossing the Line: Participatory Action Research in a Museum Setting
Alaka Wali and Madeleine Tudor

Chapter 3. Monitoring the Commons: Giving “Voice” to Environmental Justice in Pacoima
Carl A. Maida

Chapter 4. Political-Ethical Dilemmas Participant Observed
Josiah McC. Heyman

Chapter 5. Public Anthropology and Structural Engagement: Making Ameliorating Social Inequality Our Primary Agenda
Merrill Singer

Chapter 6. Public Anthropology and the Transformation of Anthropological Research
Louise Lamphere

Chapter 7. Public Anthropology and Its Reception
Judith Goode

Chapter 8. Anthropology for Whom? Challenges and Prospects of Activist Scholarship
Angela Stuesse

Chapter 9. “We Are Plumbers of Democracy”: A Study of Aspirations to Inclusive Public Dialogues in Mexico and Its Repercussions
Raúl Acosta

Chapter 10. What Everybody Should Know about Nature-Culture: Anthropology in the Public Sphere and “The Two Cultures”
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Chapter 11. Reimagining the Fragmented City/Citizen: Young People and Public Action in Rio de Janeiro
Udi Mandel Butler

Chapter 12. Urban Transitions: Graffiti Transformations
Sam Beck

Chapter 13. Recreating Community: New Housing for Amui Djor Residents
Tony Asare, Erika Mamley Osae, and Deborah Pellow

Notes on Contributors

Public Anthropology in a Borderless World

Edited by Sam Beck and Carl A. Maida

412 pages, 44 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-730-5 Hb Published (July 2015)

ISBN  978-1-78533-515-0 Pb Published (April 2017)

eISBN 978-1-78238-731-2 eBook