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Erol Balkan and Zümray Kutlu-Tonak

Part I: Different Perspectives on Migration: Migration and Neoliberalism

Chapter 1. Political Economy of Migration
Sungur Savran

Chapter 2. War, Migration and Class
Kemal Vural Tarlan

Chapter 3. Images as Border: On the Visual Production of the “Migration Crisis“
Mariam Durrani and Arjun Shankar

Part II: Host Country Economies and Attitudes

Chapter 4. Why Do Employment and Socio-economic Integration Have a Strained Relationship? The International Protection Context and Syrians in Turkey
Saime Özçürümez and Deniz Yıldırım

Chapter 5. Welfare Nationalism and Rising Prejudice Against Migrants in Central and Eastern Europe
Anıl Duman

Chapter 6. Vulnerable Permanency in Mass Influx: The Case of Syrians in Turkey
Ahmet İçduygu and Damla Aksel Bayraktar

Part III: Europe and Migration: Past and Present

Chapter 7. Legal Topography of the 2015 European Refugee “Crisis”
Everita Silina

Chapter 8. “The Preparation of Living Corpses”: Immigration Detention and the Production of the Non-Person
David Herd

Chapter 9. The Germans' “Refugee”: Concepts and Images of the “Refugee” in Germany’s Twisted History Between Acceptance and Denial as a Country of Immigration and Refuge
Marion Detjen

Part IV: Refugee Agency

Chapter 10. “Without it, you will die”: Smartphones and Refugees’ Digital Self-Organization
Sina Arnold and Stephan Gorland

Chapter 11. Processes of Wage Theft: Neoliberal Labor Market and Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Danièle Bélanger and Cenk Saraçoğlu

Chapter 12. The Narratives of Syrian Refugees on Taking Turkey as a Land of a Long or Temporary Settlement
Samer Sharani

Concluding Remarks

Appendix: Statement From the Association of Bridging Peoples: It Is Not a Refugee Crisis, It Is a Secret War Against Refugees
Cem Terzi


Refugees on the Move

Crisis and Response in Turkey and Europe

Edited by Erol Balkan and Zümray Kutlu Tonak

342 pages, 22 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-384-8 Hb Published (February 2022)

This title is published as Open Access

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