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Introduction: The Values of Indeterminacy
Catherine Alexander and Andrew Sanchez

Chapter 1. Kept in Suspense: The Unsettling Indeterminacy of US Landfills
Joshua O. Reno

Chapter 2. Experiments in Living: The Value of Indeterminacy in Trans Art
Elena Gonzalez-Polledo

Chapter 3. The Production of Indeterminacy: On the Unforeseeable Futures of Postindustrial Excess
Felix Ringel

Chapter 4. Human Waste in the Land of Abundance: Two Kinds of Gypsy Indeterminacy in Norway
Cathrine Moe Thorleiffson and Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Chapter 5. Waste People/Value Producers: Ambiguity, Indeterminacy and Postsocialist Russian-Speaking Miners
Eeva Kesküla

Chapter 6. Indeterminate Classifications: Being "More than Kin" in Kazakhstan
Catherine Alexander

Chapter 7. The Politics of Indeterminacy: Boundary Dislocations around Waste, Value and Work in Subic Bay (Philippines)
Elisabeth Schober

Epilogue: Indetertminacy: Between Worth and Worthlessness
Niko Besnier and Susana Narotzky



Waste, Value, and the Imagination

Edited by Catherine Alexander and Andrew Sanchez
Afterword by Niko Besnier and Susana Narotzky

210 pages, 16 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-009-6 Hb Published (October 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78920-010-2 eBook